Sorority Terms

Recruitment is a wonderful experience, but we know that it can be overwhelming too! Here are some terms you might hear during recruitment. Knowing them could help you have a better understanding of the recruitment experience.

Bid: An official invitation to join a specific sorority.

Chapter: The local collegiate group of a national organization.

Continuous Open Bidding (COB): This is an informal recruitment process where chapters host their own events or meet one-on-one with PNMs in order to find more members for their sisterhood. COB takes place after after fall recruitment and throughout the spring semester.

Initiation: A ceremony in which new members become an official member of their sorority.

Legacy: A woman whose family member is an alumna or active member of a sorority.

National Panhellenic Conference: an umbrella organization for 26 national women's organizations (sororities) throughout the United States and Canada.

Philanthropy: Each Greek organization has a different philanthropic partner that they work to raise money and awareness for.

Potential New member (PNM): A woman going through the recruitment process that may potentially join a chapter.

Rho Chi/Recruitment Counselor: During the recruitment weekend you will be put in a group with other PNMs and the leader of the group is considered a Rho Chi. They are a member of one of the chapters on campus and their goal is to aid PNMs in the recruitment process.

Round: Each day you will meet chapters, and each meeting is known as a party. They will be anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. Use this time to really get to know each organization and learn about what makes them special.