Important Info for PNMs

Below are documents that PNM's should review prior to Recruitment to ensure that they are well informed and prepared.


The Code of Ethics states the rules that PNM's must abide by before and during recruitment. This code of ethics promotes mutual respect between all parties involved in recruitment to make the process go as smoothly as possible.


These are your rights as a Potential New Member. If you're worried that your rights are being infringed upon don't hesitate to reach out to the PHC Executive Vice President Caren Yap at


The MRABA is the contract that PNM's sign on the third day of recruitment. It is a binding agreement where you list the sororities (up to two) that you are willing to accept a bid from. This form solidifies that you can only receive a bid from the organization(s) you list. If you receive a bid and decide not to accept it, the MRABA makes you ineligible to join a sorority until the next primary recruitment period (Fall 2022). This also applies if you accept a bid and then sometime during the new member process decide not to continue membership with that sorority. PNM's should note that if they do not feel ready to make the commitment to a sorority, they are not required to sign the MRABA.